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Coppertone Badger

2001 Rose Grey APHA Gelding       

15H  1150lb “Smokey” is kind hearted, quiet, polite, well mannered and easy to be around, good to shoe, easy to catch and likes people.  Has moved cattle with rider using an Aussie whip cracking & popping, heeled calves some, handles rocky terrain and crosses water.  Hobble broke, stands quietly tied and while mounting. Athletic and willing, he’s game for any job. Bathes, clips and trailers well. Attractive to boot! Currently traveling through our Finishing with Finesse program.                                                                           

                                                                         Peppy’s Palito

                                     Cardinal San Peppy  

Peppys Mr Coal                                                 Doc Holywood

                                      Doc Girl Class

                                                                         San Day

                                                                         Eternal Pay Day

                                      The Real Thing 
                                                                         Rawhide Sue 

Caramelle Gal                                                     Flit Horn

                                      Nells Fair Lady 
                                                                         Leo Nell San


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