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"The wind of heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears." 

Look what just a few
MJ Rising H Ranch horses & students
accomplished in 2007!!
Way to go ladies & gents!!

Kudo's and thanks to all our clinic hosts extraordinaire, clinic participants, owners of horses in training, lesson students, and those of you who purchased horses from us.  Thanks too for taking time to let us know how much our program has help you.  Without every one of you, our world would be a dimmer place!  You are too numerous to list but you are appreciated just the same!

Students from Finland

Students From Finland

This past spring we were blessed with two exceptional young women from Finland.  Already beautiful dressage rider's, Annica Frilund and Micaela Strom, lived and learned with us during their six week college practicum in Western Horsemanship.  Arriving during our busiest time, they received only two days of instruction before we headed to the Spring NW Mountain Trail Championships where we promptly entered them in their first show (never mind that they'd never even seen one!).  They surprised us all by winning several classes!  Whether branding calves, showing horses or mucking stalls these girls excelled at it all!


Nancy Cox
Powell Butte, OR - Student, Training Client & Clinic Host
With dedication and perseverance Nancy has grown by leaps and bounds this year!  Learning to canter, to focus and to have a plan has paid off and has put her in the Top 5 in her classes, including the Open at the 2007 NW Mountain Trail Championships!  Nancy is the "super" host of our Powell Butte clinics and we thank her for all her hard work...

Dee Myers
Halfway, OR - Student & Training Client
Dee's development and understanding of the mechanics of fine horsemanship have accelerated this year and she's off and running.  Dee's dedication to learning is an inspiration to us!  She is now consistently placing in the Top 5 at all her competitions including the NW Mountain Trail Championships!  YOU GO GIRL!!

Pam Bodie
Bend, OR - Student
Making a challenging change from riding cutting horses to the world of Versatility Ranch Horse and Trail Competitions, Pam's year has been one of up and down transitions.  Participating in Trail I & II clinics and Cowgirl Up! Camp, Pam's resiliency and inner strength have been a source of much joy to us. 

Donna Cox-Seamon
Weiser, ID - Student & Training Client
Never one to do anything "half cocked", after years of showing World Champion Halter and Pleasure horses, followed by years of not riding at all, this "flat land arena riding only" girl jumped back into the show pen at her first Mountain Trail show and darned if she didn't show she's still got that "winning way" when she won or placed in the Top 5 in all her classes.  Her grey gelding is TJ Fox is also shown by JoLinn.  We're looking forward to keeping TJ in training and starting him on roping, cow working and progressing up through our Bridle Horse program.  Look out Donna, next you'll have a rope in your hand!  YOU GO GIRL!!


Tammy Harty
Bend, OR - Student, Training Client & "Super" Clinic Host
This was a year of monumental accomplishment for this versatile duo.  From Natural Horsemanship to the world of Bridle-Horse, Versatility Ranch Horse, rugged mountain riding and trail competitions, they do it all.  Winning Reserve Champion at Craig Cameron's Extreme Cowboy Race, qualifying for the AQHA World Versatility Ranch Horse in the Amateur division and passing her Parelli Level 2 top the list of 2007 accomplishments.  YOU GO GIRL!!

Kate Grace
Halfway, OR - Student & Training Client
With a signed contract with Mitch as leverage (motivation comes in various forms), Kate attended her first Mountain Trail show.  Having not ridden much for over 15 years, her words upon her first look at the courses were "what the *#*# have I gotten myself into?"!!  After which she proceeded to rake in enough ribbons to make her own ribbon quilt!!  She also entered her first Team Sorting competition this summer and ended up 3rd.  Mitch's words of advice to Kate are "Just shut up and do it!"  YOU GO GIRL!!


Lori Ludden
Yreka, CA - Student & Clinic Host "Supreme"
Lori's steady, calm, confident demeaner has been a breath of fresh air for us all summer.  We look forward to continuing to help this talented horsewoman pursue her thirst for making a Versatility Ranch & Bridle Horse in the true sense of the words.  Congrats on your scores at Mountain Trail.  YOU GO GIRL!!


Marilyn Bunnell
Corvallis, OR - Student & Training Client
A real standout at Mountain Trail, Marilyn continues to improve by leaps and bounds!  Loggin countless hours trail riding, she works on all the "little" things that will keep her consistently in the show placings and safe on the trail.  Marilyn has developed an elegant show ring appearance and placed in the Top 10 at 2007 Mountain Trail.  YOU GO GIRL!!

Becky Stratton
Emmett, ID - Student & Training Client
"I caught it, I caught it!" echoed througout Cowgirl Up! when Becky learned to swing her rope and caught her first calf from her horse.  Becky is an inspiration in the example she sets in her quest for more and more knowledge of proper horsemanship.  Watching her learn and grow has been a great journey!  Next stop, Mountain Trail.

Jill Turner & Casey Hendrickson
Dixon, CA - Students & Training Clients
Hard working and FUN loving, there's never a dull moment when the "California Girls" are around!  As much as they love having fun though, these girls are serious about their horsemanship and have excelled in and out of the show ring.



Gibson Essex
Gazelle, CA - Student
A participant in our 2006 Trail Clinic at Yreka, CA, Gibson was lacking nothing but a little "fine tuning".  She let us know that at the next shows she attended she placed 2nd at the Siskiyou Golden Fair and 2nd at the Shasta County Fair and credits her success to the tools she learned at our clinic.

Terri Stillwaugh - Wilder, ID


Dave Welch &
Steven McGregor


Jane Graybill - Vancouver, WA


Laura Shepherd - Madras, OR


Shirley Tickner - Ft. Jones, CA


Chip Neal - Redmond, OR


Susan Plass - Pendleton, OR


Sue Clark - Redmond, OR

Dave Holloway
Mitch & Mule Student

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