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Training Programs

Our horse-training programs have been developed over the span of thirty-five years.  These years have been spent ranching, training, and showing successfully in a variety of disciplines.  From daily ranch work to Versatility Ranch-Horse competitions, rodeo roping to Western Pleasure, Cutting, Reined Cow Horse and Mountain Trail Horse shows, Extreme Cowboy Challenges and more, our success draws upon our years of experience and fresh ideas.

Foremost in our thoughts is safety for both horse and rider.  A respectful, willing, and well-mannered horse is a pleasure to own and our “Finishing with Finesse” training program produces these qualities, regardless of breed or equestrian activity.  This low-stress program is for young horses, as well as mature horses that need to be re-trained.  “Natural to Practical” training focuses on building a solid foundation in a soft, quiet but firm manner, and results in a horse that is a true pleasure to handle.

Each horse that comes to us for training and all horses we offer for sale are put through our extensive, hands-on “Natural to Practical” program, which begins with in-depth ground work.  This includes time in the round-pen, lunging, hobbling and desensitizing to common and uncommon distractions, saddling and bridling.  Self-carriage exercises designed to teach control of movement are also an important element of our program.  Application of learned skills include opening gates, crossing water, dragging logs, navigating natural and man made trail obstacles, exposure to livestock and movement across steep terrain.  Arena performance and ranch work is made available.

Building on this solid foundation, we then advance the horse-in-training to our “Finishing with Finesse” bridle-horse program.  Similar in nature to traditional California Vaquero style training, we incorporate a classical reinsman polish, producing finished horses with that same desirable soft and willing attitude.

Many riders wish to move beyond the finished-horse level, and for that person we are pleased to offer “Bridle-less”  training for both the horse and owner.  It is a breath-taking experience to ride bridle-less with the same results one would expect from a bridled horse.  We have roped, handled livestock and maneuvered through intricate trail obstacles riding bridle-less and savor every moment.  It is a useful tool and increases the versatility and value of your horse. 

Young horse or mature...we offer you a variety of services and  look forward to working with you.

 NEW!!! - Premier "Basics to Bridle"
Year-long Training Program - NEW!!!

"Basics to Bridle" is a unique, year-long program,
customized to fit the individual goals of the owner
committed to their equestrian experience.  Avoid common
and costly mistakes in the purchase and
training of your horse with our new program
designed to move both you and your
horse from basics to bridle with confidence.

Enjoyment and participation is required of both horse and owner!!

Please contact us for details of this one-of-a-kind offer!

Training Services Available

  • Yearling and 2 year olds - ground work, In-Hand Trail training
  • Young Horse Starting Under Saddle - open to select horses
  • Re-Training - open to any age, breed or discipline
  • Trails Training - all age horses; competition or pleasure riding
  • Cattle Work - arena or ranch roping, ranch cutting or sorting and fence work
  • Behavior Management - assessments and training for "problem" horses
  • Bridle-less Training - completion of "Finishing with Finesse" required; offered to select individuals

We require a minimum commitment of sixty (60) days for each horse entered into our training programs.  Owners are strongly encouraged to participate with two hours of free lessons per month during that time.  Owner participation is an important feature of our training process; a key element that helps to ensure a quality relationship between owner and horse and achievement of stated goals.

"Basic and simple; that's our training philosophy and we're stickin' to it!!"
-Mitch & JoLinn Hoover

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