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Welcome to the Trophy Barn!

This is just a brief overview of the 2007 highlights...
we compete in too many events to list them all.

IQHA/AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse - Caldwell, ID

Mitch -                                                JoLinn -
•  Open Champion                              •  All Breed - 3rd

NQHA/AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse - Elko, NV

Mitch -                                                JoLinn -
•  3rd Overall                                      •  All Breed Champion

NQHA/AQHA Versatility Ranch Horse - Winnemucca, NV

Mitch -                                                 JoLinn -
•  3rd Overall                                       •  No Show

Spring NW Mountain Trail Championships -

JoLinn set a new record as the first person in this show's history to win championships in three divisions in the Silverado Arena at one show, these being Open, Adult & Bareback!!  Mitch was right behind her, whippin' and spurrin' with Reserves and Top 5's.  The MJ Rising H Ranch Team kept their names in the Top 8 in all divisions they entered...go team!!

Fall NW Mountain Trail Champsionships -

Mitch -                                                   JoLinn -
•  Open Top 4                                        •   Open Champion
•  Bareback 3rd                                      •   Bareback Reserve
•  Challenge Course Championships        •   Novice Horse Reserve

JoLinn's Silverado Open Championship set yet another show record.  She is only the second person to ever win two Open Championships.  In addition, her run the last day is currently the highest score ever attained in the history of this show, just 5.5 points off perfect!  The MJ Rising H Ranch Team stayed in the Top 8 in all divisions they entered...go team!

Healing Reins & Mike Bridges Clinics Annual Cow-jumping Competition

Bill Berner & JoLinn Hoover - International Champion Cow-jumping Team

Lost Horse Ranch Cowboy Trail Challenge -

Mitch -                                                       JoLinn -
•  Open Reserve                                        •  Open All-Around Cowboy (girl)
•  Adult Reserve                                         •  Adult Champion
•  Top 4 Timed Pony Express

JoLinn is the first woman to win title of All-Around Cowboy!  The MJ Rising H Ranch Team place in the Top 5 in their division...go team!

Mountain Trail Horse Classics -

JoLinn -
•  Sr. Horse Champion

The MJ Rising H Ranch Team placed in the Top 5 in their divisions...go team!


This is just a brief overview of the 2006 Highlights...

Spring NW Mountain Trail Championships -

Mitch -                                                JoLinn -
•  Open Timed & Judged Champ         •  Adult Champion
•  Adult Timed & Judged Champ          •  Adult Timed & Judged Reserve
•  Adult Reserve                                  •  Open Top 5
•  Open Reserve                                  •  Bareback Top 5
•  Novice Horse Top 5

Cowboy Trail Challenge -

Mitch -                                                JoLinn -
•  Overall Champion                            •  Overall Top 5
•  In Hand Men's Champion                 •  In Hand Women's Champion

OTEC Spring Ranch Rodeo - Mitch Reserve Champ. Ranch Cow Horse

OTEC Fall Ranch Rodeo - Mitch Champion & Top 3 Ranch Cow Horse

Mountain Trail Horse Classics -

Mitch -                                                 JoLinn -
•  Adult Champion                               •  Open & Bareback Champion
•  Numerous Top 5's                           •  Numerous Top 5's

AQHA/Roll-A Versatility Ranch Horse Show -

Mitch -                                                  JoLinn -
•  AQHA Reserve Champion                  •  All Breed Champion

Tri-County All Around Cowboy
Baker County Panhandle Rodeo

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